Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Change in Perspective

A picture can be taken from different angles. Some angles produce the best shot, some not. But nonetheless, all these angles show the same truth!

Well, the point I am trying to make is that “a change in perspective does not necessarily shifts the core”. Instead, it brings in more variety and options for us to talk, think, and argue about. In organizational context, we often tend to get caught in the “do not touch, it is working” complacency or high “self efficacy” bias of executives.

Whatever, it be, the winning organizations always like to challenge their assumptions.

For now, I will end with a simple suggestion. When you ask your folks to answer Y/N questions – just change the meanings to read as follows:

Y – Why?
N – Why Not?

See, what difference this simple exercise makes. It will charge up the room and suddenly you will see better responses to your Yes and No questions. Don’t believe me? Try it!


gersteni said...

Yes, but beware of confirmation bias. That is, people often don't know why, and when you ask them they will find reasons why, but those aren't the reasons why people made the choice in the first place.

For an example read this:

"The results? "Despite an overall bias in favor of French over German wine sales," they soberly reported last week in the prestigious science journal Nature, "French wine outsold German wine when French music was being played, whereas German wine outsold French wine when German music was played." What may be even more significant is that only six of the 44 customers who consented to fill out a questionnaire admitted that they had been influenced by the music."

Amita said...

Thanks Idoh for your comments. I completely agree to your point about "confirmation bias" and the example makes it even more clear. That is why most of the online surveys and market research is not taken on face value.

But, I was bringing across a slightly different point, urging ourselves to go beyond the "assumed"... I had written another post, "Vu jade" quite around the same thought to think and reinvent ourselves and our surroundings. It is very important for us to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Much of what happened with Yahoo! in my opinion, can be attributed to the complacency [besides, several other reason...]

Let's catch up in person, some other time :)