Sunday, December 02, 2007

Never under estimate your ideas

If you are on an entrepreneurial high, never underestimate your ideas!

Many times, even before the idea crosses the mind, another brain signal warns "oh this is so naive, someone must have already done it" or "naah, this is too simple to be good". But, as soon as the active brain starts warning you, my gentle counter warning "think of your idea again; after all if everything has been thought of, challenge is to think of it again."

The Idea
Well, let me mention what made me write this. Just a few days back I was thinking that there should be a channel / new paper that would only talk about and show good news. It would have only the success stories of all celebrities as well as common people. I was so sick and tired of watching events, so disturbing, that yelled at me to say "why the hell are you living, the world is a horrible place". And I thought, for the new generation, for people already in distress, such a "happy" newspaper would be so rejuvenating and a positive reinforcement of goodness. But, then I did not give much thought - for logistic problems and secondly, because I thought it was too simple!

The Implementation
And next day, when I tuned in to an Indian channel, I could see, in all news channel, the glorious launch of e-newspaper called "Billion-Beats", started by the most illustrious former President of India, Abdul Kalam Azad. I was simply amazed!

I feel extremely happy because my idea got validated and I am encouraged to, next time, take myself more seriously. Or rather, may be, not so seriously. Who knows, a simple idea could be in the making of next Google!

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