Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fast and Furious...

Whenever I put a project plan in place, what I worry about the most is, when will it get started! In most cases, there are so many stakeholders...and the 'what do you think's ' keep circulating through emails... and take most of the time of the project. In most cases, the project doesn't start atleast two weeks, after the plan was written.

The best way to get started a project is by organizing a meeting. (Will write later on "why I hate meetings")

Call all the stakeholders, discuss the issue, if a consensus is not met, you take the final decision. Assign tasks, give deadlines, decide deliverables and you are done. The project starts there ! Later, you come back, write minutes of meeting, put it in any project management template and circulate to whoever you may want to.

This I call is the "Fast and Furious" way of starting a project. Don't loose the tempo - You really do not need a fore-play here!

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